WADD security reference for web developers

As a member of the John von Neumann Computer Society's Web-Application Development Division, I've written and been continuously updating a security reference summarizing common security issues for web developers.

National characters on the web and in PHP

Handling Hungarian national characters on the web is a messy area, thanks to the browsers' behaviour and the diversity of standards. This article guides the readers in this area, concentrating on practical solutions - it was published on the prog.hu portal, which is the leader developer portal in Hungary. The informal style of the article comes from its original purpose: it was meant to be a short how-to of a mailing list. Readers rating: 5 of 5.

mod_rewrite: A Beginner's Guide to URL Rewriting

This article is about a rarely used Apache modul, mod_rewrite. The article was a success at the sitepoint.com, readers rated it 8.9 of 10, and gave great feedbacks through the "Give author feedback" feature.

ISO character entities

A comprehensive reference page containing the SGML entities of the relevant ISO standard. You can also check for yourself how many of the entities are supported by your browser.

browsers behaviour: Hungarian accented characters

Results of browser tests against the "always critical" Hungarian ? and ? characters, by using different codepage settings.

Cisco Networking Academy: Threaded Case Study

A case study created for the final (4th) semester of the Cisco Networking Academy course: it's a detailed plan of a WAN-LAN internetwork. It was selected to be shown to the Cisco representatives.

computer graphics

A complete high-school lesson about computer graphics (2D, 3D), based on Turbo Pascal - from the times the university ordered me to teach :)


An overview of multimedia in general, also dealing with multimedia in education.


sometimes I feel that I have to urgently publish something that helps other people, that's why there are articles and some other useful stuffs listed here. additionally, here's a list of resources I often visit.