ISO character entities

Based on http://validator.w3.org/sgml-lib/pro/usr/local/lib/sgml/iso_8879-1986/entities.


ISO 8879-1986 ENTITIES Numeric and Special Graphic

glyphname codedescription
½half fraction one-half
½frac12fraction one-half
¼frac14fraction one-quarter
¾frac34fraction three-quarters
frac18fraction one-eighth
frac38fraction three-eighths
frac58fraction five-eighths
frac78fraction seven-eighths
¹sup1 superscript one
²sup2 superscript two
³sup3 superscript three
+plus plus sign
±plusmnplus-or-minus sign
<lt less-than sign
=equalsequals sign
>gt greater-than sign
÷dividedivide sign
×times multiply sign
¤currengeneral currency sign
£pound pound sign
$dollardollar sign
¢cent cent sign
¥yen yen sign
#num number sign
%percntpercent sign
&amp ampersand
*ast asterisk
@commatcommercial at
[lsqb left square bracket
\bsol reverse solidus
]rsqb right square bracket
{lcub left curly bracket
horbarhorizontal bar
|verbarvertical bar
}rcub right curly bracket
µmicro micro sign
Ωohm ohm sign
°deg degree sign
ºordm ordinal indicator, masculine
ªordf ordinal indicator, feminine
§sect section sign
para pilcrow (paragraph sign)
·middotmiddle dot
larr leftward arrow
rarr rightward arrow
uarr upward arrow
darr downward arrow
©copy copyright sign
®reg registered sign
trade trade mark sign
¦brvbarbroken (vertical) bar
¬not not sign
sung music note (sung text sign)
!excl exclamation mark
¡iexcl inverted exclamation mark
"quot quotation mark
'apos apostrophe
(lpar left parenthesis
)rpar right parenthesis
,comma comma
_lowbarlow line
.periodfull stop, period
/sol solidus
:colon colon
;semi semicolon
?quest question mark
¿iquestinverted question mark
«laquo angle quotation mark, left
»raquo angle quotation mark, right
lsquo single quotation mark, left
rsquo single quotation mark, right
ldquo double quotation mark, left
rdquo double quotation mark, right
 nbsp no break (required) space
­shy soft hyphen

ISO 8879-1986 ENTITIES General technical

glyphname codedescription
emsp em space
ensp en space (1/2-em)
emsp3 1/3-em space
emsp4 1/4-em space
numsp digit space (width of a number)
puncsppunctuation space (width of comma)
thinspthin space (1/6-em)
hairsphair space
mdash em dash
ndash en dash
dash hyphen (true graphic)
blank significant blank symbol
hellipellipsis (horizontal)
nldr double baseline dot (en leader)
frac13fraction one-third
frac23fraction two-thirds
frac15fraction one-fifth
frac25fraction two-fifths
frac35fraction three-fifths
frac45fraction four-fifths
frac16fraction one-sixth
frac56fraction five-sixths
incarein-care-of symbol
block full block
uhblk upper half block
lhblk lower half block
blk14 25% shaded block
blk12 50% shaded block
blk34 75% shaded block
markerhistogram marker
cir circle, open
squ square, open
rect rectangle, open
utri up triangle, open
dtri down triangle, open
star star, open
bull round bullet, filled
squf sq bullet, filled
utrif up tri, filled
dtrif dn tri, filled
ltrif l tri, filled
rtrif r tri, filled
clubs club suit symbol
diams diamond suit symbol
heartsheart suit symbol
spadesspades suit symbol
malt maltese cross
Daggerdouble dagger
check tick, check mark
ballotballot cross
sharp musical sharp
flat musical flat
male male symbol
femalefemale symbol
phone telephone symbol
telrectelephone recorder symbol
copysrsound recording copyright sign
caret caret (insertion mark)
lsquorrising single quote, left (low)
ldquorrising dbl quote, left (low)
fflig small ff ligature
filig small fi ligature
fj fjlig small fj ligature
ffiligsmall ffi ligature
fflligsmall ffl ligature
fllig small fl ligature
mldr em leader
rdquorrising dbl quote, right (high)
rsquorrising single quote, right (high)
vellipvertical ellipsis
hybullrectangle, filled (hyphen bullet)
loz /lozenge - lozenge or total mark
lozf /blacklozenge - lozenge, filled
ltri /triangleleft B: l triangle, open
rtri /triangleright B: r triangle, open
starf /bigstar - star, filled
natur /natural - music natural
rx pharmaceutical prescription (Rx)
sext sextile (6-pointed star)
targetregister mark or target
dlcropdownward left crop mark
drcropdownward right crop mark
ulcropupward left crop mark
urcropupward right crop mark
aleph aleph, Hebrew
and logical and
&ang90; ang90 right (90 degree) angle
ap approximate
cap intersection
cong congruent with
conintcontour integral operator
cup union or logical sum
equiv identical with
exist at least one exists
forallfor all
ƒ fnof function of (italic small f)
ge greater-than-or-equal
iff if and only if
infin infinity
int integral operator
isin set membership
lang left angle bracket
lArr is implied by
le less-than-or-equal
minus B: =minus sign
mnplusminus-or-plus sign
nabla del, Hamilton operator
ne not equal
ni contains
or logical or
par parallel
part partial differential
permilper thousand
perp perpendicular
prime prime or minute
Prime double prime or second
prop is proportional to
radic radical
rang right angle bracket
rArr implies
sim similar
sime similar, equals
sub subset or is implied by
sube subset, equals
sup superset or implies
supe superset, equals
Verbardbl vertical bar
Å angst Angstrom =capital A, ring
bernouBernoulli function (script capital B)
compfnB: composite function (small circle)
¨ Dot dieresis or umlaut mark
DotDotfour dots above
hamiltHamiltonian (script capital H)
lagranLagrangian (script capital L)
lowastlow asterisk
notin N: negated set membership
order order of (script small o)
phmmatphysics M-matrix (script capital M)
tdot three dots above
tprimetriple prime
wedgeqR: corresponds to (wedge, equals)

ISO 8879-1986 ENTITIES Added Latin 1

glyphname codedescription
á aacutesmall a, acute accent
Á Aacutecapital A, acute accent
â acirc small a, circumflex accent
 Acirc capital A, circumflex accent
à agravesmall a, grave accent
À Agravecapital A, grave accent
å aring small a, ring
Å Aring capital A, ring
ã atildesmall a, tilde
à Atildecapital A, tilde
ä auml small a, dieresis or umlaut mark
Ä Auml capital A, dieresis or umlaut mark
æ aelig small ae diphthong (ligature)
Æ AElig capital AE diphthong (ligature)
ç ccedilsmall c, cedilla
Ç Ccedilcapital C, cedilla
ð eth small eth, Icelandic
Ð ETH capital Eth, Icelandic
é eacutesmall e, acute accent
É Eacutecapital E, acute accent
ê ecirc small e, circumflex accent
Ê Ecirc capital E, circumflex accent
è egravesmall e, grave accent
È Egravecapital E, grave accent
ë euml small e, dieresis or umlaut mark
Ë Euml capital E, dieresis or umlaut mark
í iacutesmall i, acute accent
Í Iacutecapital I, acute accent
î icirc small i, circumflex accent
Î Icirc capital I, circumflex accent
ì igravesmall i, grave accent
Ì Igravecapital I, grave accent
ï iuml small i, dieresis or umlaut mark
Ï Iuml capital I, dieresis or umlaut mark
ñ ntildesmall n, tilde
Ñ Ntildecapital N, tilde
ó oacutesmall o, acute accent
Ó Oacutecapital O, acute accent
ô ocirc small o, circumflex accent
Ô Ocirc capital O, circumflex accent
ò ogravesmall o, grave accent
Ò Ogravecapital O, grave accent
ø oslashsmall o, slash
Ø Oslashcapital O, slash
õ otildesmall o, tilde
Õ Otildecapital O, tilde
ö ouml small o, dieresis or umlaut mark
Ö Ouml capital O, dieresis or umlaut mark
ß szlig small sharp s, German (sz ligature)
þ thorn small thorn, Icelandic
Þ THORN capital THORN, Icelandic
ú uacutesmall u, acute accent
Ú Uacutecapital U, acute accent
û ucirc small u, circumflex accent
Û Ucirc capital U, circumflex accent
ù ugravesmall u, grave accent
Ù Ugravecapital U, grave accent
ü uuml small u, dieresis or umlaut mark
Ü Uuml capital U, dieresis or umlaut mark
ý yacutesmall y, acute accent
Ý Yacutecapital Y, acute accent
ÿ yuml small y, dieresis or umlaut mark

ISO 8879-1986 ENTITIES Added Latin 2

glyphname codedescription
ă abrevesmall a, breve
Ă Abrevecapital A, breve
ā amacr small a, macron
Ā Amacr capital A, macron
ą aogon small a, ogonek
Ą Aogon capital A, ogonek
ć cacutesmall c, acute accent
Ć Cacutecapital C, acute accent
č ccaronsmall c, caron
Č Ccaroncapital C, caron
ĉ ccirc small c, circumflex accent
Ĉ Ccirc capital C, circumflex accent
ċ cdot small c, dot above
Ċ Cdot capital C, dot above
ď dcaronsmall d, caron
Ď Dcaroncapital D, caron
đ dstroksmall d, stroke
Đ Dstrokcapital D, stroke
ě ecaronsmall e, caron
Ě Ecaroncapital E, caron
ė edot small e, dot above
Ė Edot capital E, dot above
ē emacr small e, macron
Ē Emacr capital E, macron
ę eogon small e, ogonek
Ę Eogon capital E, ogonek
ǵ gacutesmall g, acute accent
ğ gbrevesmall g, breve
Ğ Gbrevecapital G, breve
Ģ Gcedilcapital G, cedilla
ĝ gcirc small g, circumflex accent
Ĝ Gcirc capital G, circumflex accent
ġ gdot small g, dot above
Ġ Gdot capital G, dot above
ĥ hcirc small h, circumflex accent
Ĥ Hcirc capital H, circumflex accent
ħ hstroksmall h, stroke
Ħ Hstrokcapital H, stroke
İ Idot capital I, dot above
Ī Imacr capital I, macron
ī imacr small i, macron
ij ijlig small ij ligature
IJ IJlig capital IJ ligature
ı inodotsmall i without dot
į iogon small i, ogonek
Į Iogon capital I, ogonek
ĩ itildesmall i, tilde
Ĩ Itildecapital I, tilde
ĵ jcirc small j, circumflex accent
Ĵ Jcirc capital J, circumflex accent
ķ kcedilsmall k, cedilla
Ķ Kcedilcapital K, cedilla
ĸ kgreensmall k, Greenlandic
ĺ lacutesmall l, acute accent
Ĺ Lacutecapital L, acute accent
ľ lcaronsmall l, caron
Ľ Lcaroncapital L, caron
ļ lcedilsmall l, cedilla
Ļ Lcedilcapital L, cedilla
ŀ lmidotsmall l, middle dot
Ŀ Lmidotcapital L, middle dot
ł lstroksmall l, stroke
Ł Lstrokcapital L, stroke
ń nacutesmall n, acute accent
Ń Nacutecapital N, acute accent
ŋ eng small eng, Lapp
Ŋ ENG capital ENG, Lapp
ʼn napos small n, apostrophe
ň ncaronsmall n, caron
Ň Ncaroncapital N, caron
ņ ncedilsmall n, cedilla
Ņ Ncedilcapital N, cedilla
ő odblacsmall o, double acute accent
Ő Odblaccapital O, double acute accent
Ō Omacr capital O, macron
ō omacr small o, macron
œ oelig small oe ligature
ΠOElig capital OE ligature
ŕ racutesmall r, acute accent
Ŕ Racutecapital R, acute accent
ř rcaronsmall r, caron
Ř Rcaroncapital R, caron
ŗ rcedilsmall r, cedilla
Ŗ Rcedilcapital R, cedilla
ś sacutesmall s, acute accent
Ś Sacutecapital S, acute accent
š scaronsmall s, caron
Š Scaroncapital S, caron
ş scedilsmall s, cedilla