clonefish - PHP form generator and validation class

Clonefish is a PHP class, which helps creating web forms using a simple configuration file. In fact, it sounds a piece of cake - but this class also performs various client- and server-side validation for the inputs, has ADOdb database integration for dynamic controls (eg. options of a select created from rows of a database table), multilanguage support, tree-structure select controls, and more! I've already used it to build number of applications, so I feel it a mature and proven technology right now. is the home of the Hungarian demosceners (computer art underground), a community portal. previous (static HTML) versions of this site were serving the community since 1995, now all the old content is migrated and also available at the site.


FSGuide is a Norton Commander-clone for the web, which might be useful when you do not have shell access to your server, but want to perform basic file operations. ofcourse you can reach every file of the filesystem the web user (www-data or wwwrun used by Apache) has the privileges for (and not just files and directories under htdocs and the like). this way you can display, copy, remove any file or subdirectory. Originally, it was a 5k compo entry at the first Hungarian PHP Conference.


Mazesolver is a simple backtrack stuff which finds the shortest path in a maze. It was a coding contest contribution in 2002.


nulla dies sine linea, as the German says <grin>. from time to time (when there is nothing really urgent to do) I'm dealing with some public purpose projects. though they're not all available online, some of them are listed here. my favourites are also put here, enjoy!