web development, portal development, software development

workflow and e-business systems, portals, content management systems, network- and system management - please head over to my web development company
  • platforms: HP Tru64 UNIX, Linux, Sun Solaris V, AIX, Oracle 9i Application Server, Windows 95, 98, NT 4, 2000, NT Terminal Server (farm administration)
  • languages/technologies: PHP, object-oriented programming, XML, Smarty template library, WYSIWYG control, HTML/XTHML, CSS 1-2, DAV (and OraDAV), crossbrowser JavaScript (DOM/DHTML); Clipper; dBase; Pascal; C; protocolls and standards of the internet
  • RDBMSs: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • networking: (Cisco Certified Network Associate: 4 semester course and successful (94%) exam taken at the IQSoft John Bryce Prometric exam centre): OSI layers, LAN planning (addressing, subnetting, etc.), Ethernet, hubs, configuring Cisco routers and switches (TCP/UDP, IPX/SPX, RIP, IGRP, CDP, access lists, ...), WAN basics (ISDN, Frame Relay, PPP), error detection, etc.

web-based applications

Several large-scale applications:
  • Bulk SMS service
    Building and management of the bulk SMS service
    The bulk SMS service is an advanced eDM solution offering a bunch of extra features and a performance of even 100000+ messages per day. It comes with a sophisticated invoicing system, which supports both prepaid and postpaid clients.
  • Bulk SMS system for Wallis Aut? Holding Inc.
    Wallis Aut? Holding IncBulk SMS application for the WAH Inc.
    This application is based on the bulk SMS service. The application follows the workflow of the WAH group members (brands of WAH are: BMW, Rover, Citroën, etc.) and offers integration to their ERP system that provides on-the-fly aftersales activity.
  • Marso Kft webshop
    marso.hu online shop A webshop frontend for an Oracle-based ERP system for both B2C (business to customer) and B2B (business to business) purposes.

    Framework: publishing the complex data structure taken from the ERP system's database in an easy form, by providing advanced searching and result-filtering solutions. Optimizing the number of connection and number of queries (caching) because of the remote database connection. Applied security solutions because of the business critical application and backend. B2C: user module, product search, cart, orders. B2B: user module, product search, advanced orders, account balance, list of previous orders.

my works on-line - portals, websites, online shops in php/sql/javascript while freelancing/in job

My works on-line:

the list following the description of the client contains the dynamic (PHP and database-based) functions of the website.
  • www.videoplayer.hu
    videoplayer.hu website community video- and photo sharing site
    Complex video- and photo sharing service based on youtube.com, optimized to handle a starting page impression of 2 million/day.
  • www.jupitergreetings.com
    jupitergreetings.com E-card service
    Flash video and photo album ecards site with paid membership (Verisign Payflow payment gateway for accepting credit cards, besides Paypal checkout). Advanced ecommerce, promotion and promotion tracking engine; for the visitors the engine offers reminder and addressbook tools beyond the basic functions.
  • www.wella.hu
    wella.hu website the website of Wella Hungary
    The adaptation of the German website (www.wella.de) (cca. 150 pages (including 10+ product microsite, static and dynamic information, Flash movies) using a Java-based website implementation system.
  • www.dcafyoungfaces.net
    dcafyoungfaces.net website community site in English - network site for Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces
    news (news alerts in e-mail for members), newsletter, registration, for members: forum, PHP-based chat (browser independent), upload publications, list of members and profile view, voting
  • www.hunlit.hu
    hunlit.hu website Hungarian Literature, multi-lingual literature database of the Hungarian Book Foundation
    authors, prizes, publications (printable version dynamically created in PDF format), anthologies, links, "fool-proof" search (eg. kostolani will find Dezs? Kosztol?nyi), advanced search, user-friendly URLs (eg. http://www.hunlit.hu/petofisandor ). (site administration and user registration was created with clonefish)
  • www.gestimhungary.com
    gestimhungary.com website Gestim Hungary real estate services & property management
    multi-lingual site (Hungarian, English, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Spanish), contents, flats for sale/rent, advanced search, registration, e-mail notification about the latest real estates on the site (notification details are set by the visitor), dynamic Budapest map containing location of the real estates
  • www.mayochix.com
    mayochix.com website multi-lingual brand site
    dealer locator, message board, downloads/links, business area, news (only in Hungarian), newsletter
  • www.freee.hu
    freee.hu website community portal for the Hungarian club magazine
    news, articles, magazine promotion and archive; user registration, forum, private messaging, mp3 upload and gallery upload for users, program guide, links, poll, newsletter, advanced search
  • www.urec.hu
    urec.hu website website of the Underground Records store
    news, chart news, gallery, releases (cd, vinyl, exclusive), registration, forum, broadcast, promotion (dj-s), program guide, newsletter, poll, search
  • www.zone.hu
    zone.hu website online shop & community portal for the streetwear distributor and magazine publisher
    online shop and product guide, news, Amazone magazine archive, downloads, links, zone team; user registration, poll, gallery upload, forum; events guide, dealer locator, faq
  • www.refugeelawreader.org
    refugeelawreader.org website Refugee Law Reader for LARC
    on-line model curriculum for the study of international asylum and refugee law. customized categorization, documents, file uploads, comments, specialized search
  • www.csdf.hu
    csdf.hu website The Civil Society Development Foundation Hungary
    contents (CMS) with attached files (optional password protection for the files), news, user registration, forum (3 levels of privileges) (site administration and user registration was created with clonefish).
  • www.snowfox.hu
    Snowfox website Website of the SnowFox International Ltd.
    Advanced product catalogue and detailed product search based on data imported from the ERP system of Snowfox, content management system (CMS): news, contents, advanced request form, download area (with password protected files).
  • www.demoscene.hu
    demoscene.hu website Demoscene Hungary community portal
    multi-skin multi-lingual community site, user registration, post news/articles/links/downloads, forum, oneliner, groups, faq, parties
  • fsguide.sf.net - FSGuide
    web based administration tool to administer server contents (eg. hosting). User management and access control lists, well configurable, user-friendly solution.
  • IFSZ Ltd. enterprise information portal
    ifsz.hu portal Portal for public and intranet access, based on an Oracle database and PHP.
    Framework: CMS module (integrated WYSIWYG content editor), search engine optimized pages (SEO), automatic remote content integrator, users - roles - permissions, deeply configurable, document access control, user-and search engine friendly URL-s (mod_rewrite), multilanguage support, own content indexing solution. Intranet: community forum (topic notifiers, unlimited category structure), IMAP e-mail administration tool to fulfill the ISO 9001:2001 requirements, integrated community calendar, handling company documents and data, portal administration.
  • www.csdf.hu/workshop2005
    10. CEU Fundraising Workshop microsite Microsite for the 10. CEU Fundraising Workshop organized by CSDF
    content management system, registration
  • www.suvet.hu
    Suvet website Suvet Research provides research and consulting in the area of social, market and media research
    bilingual website: content management system (CMS), reference list, presentation request and briefing forms
  • www.marcel-carmel.com
    Marcel-Carmel website Marcel (Carmel) website
    bilingual website: news, events, discography, content management system, guestbook
  • www.glamourmodels.hu
    Glamour Models website website of the Glamour Models model agency
    registration for models and briefing forms