my mp3 releases

zonik trip - promo.001


68 made my legs move faster.mp3 (remix of anima sound system's "68")
remix for the anima sound system

68 was full of phat basses.mp3 (remix of anima sound system's "68")
remix for the anima sound system

zonik trip - promo.002

close to you.mp3

remix stuffs

hurkat?lt? dalocska remix.mp3
a brand new remix for hurkat?lt?!

hurkat?lt? lekarate remix.mp3
an astonishing drum and bass remix for hurkat?lt?

nyers remix - masodik.mp3
breakbeat remix for nyers

untitled james hardway remix.mp3
drum and bass remix for james hardway

heaven street seven mozdulj remix.mp3
breakbeat remix for heaven street seven

ed rush and optical meets bajor imre.mp3
drum and bass 'mashup'

my demoscene releases in fasttracker II xm format

to play these files, use XMPlay - a freeware module music player!


acid deficiency
my scener friends' favourite
3O3 and some electricity
turning those knobs all over
a shock! demo soundtrack
somehow close to trance

jazzy, hip-hop

that golden vibe
a contest'99 4 channel musiccompo entry
antiq 2000 4 channel musiccompo entry
antiq 2000 multichannel musiccompo entry

experimentals (electronic, drum and bass)

journey to e-land
some experimental stuff with sines, echoes, etc
kalapacs utca 21.
minimal pianos on distorted breakz (planned soundtrack of a rhyme intro)
not the u.s.a
ethnical breakz at 177bpm
ring method
planned experimental drum and bass soundtrack of a rhyme demo
antiq'99 multichannel musiccompo entry (some drum and bass)
three wires
trippin' electronics
noises' harmony
massive sines, really low bass, broken beats

some 4/4 stuff

scenest-rage'98 4 channel musiccompo entry
play the organ
the hammond is all around
ozonizer ii.
platinum, the vinyl transformation
i've got something

journeys in space and time

passport to heaven
scenest-rage'98 multichannel compo winner
kernel'97 multichannel compo entry
cache'98 multichannel compo entry
pieslice'96 multichannel compo entry
rage'97 multichannel compo entry

and the happy stuff

greentown (chiptune)
the lead-out chip-soundtrack of the rhyme-demo 'epos'
rage'97 multichannel compo, 3rd place
condamned to be filthy
flag'96 4 channel musiccompo entry
illeg?lis t?nc
flag'98 multichannel musiccompo entry
johnny melodic
cache'96 multichannel compo entry
mosaic ii.
scenest-rage'98 8kb-compo winner
sunlit spiv
just training on a piano-sample


i mostly prefer breakbeat and drum and bass nowadays. if you need tunes for your production, don't hesitate, contact me and/or ask for demos! find the address or use the message form at the contact page.
feel free to contact me if you like the tunes ;)

tunes releases, remixes

after collecting number of prizes at the demoparties, i've decided to send send my promo cd-s to production labels. as a great result, two of my tracks were released, one of them on the hungarian house only 3 and another one on just house 2. also remixed tunes for bands like anima sound system, james hardway, nyers and heaven street seven.


i was a musician in the hydrogen, shock!, astroidea and rhyme demogroups. together with my friend, hp, we've formed the phb (phuture sound of hajd?b?sz?rm?ny ;) musicgroup, which then released some nice tracks. beach!boyz was intended to be only a fungroup, though we even had some live performances in clubs, and have also created a frightening video :)