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17Points (Linux version) by Charlie (233 clicks)
30 perc by Dilemma (574 clicks)
aeronautical by stephen (140 clicks)
astronautical by stephen (109 clicks)
Bassotron by Ümlaüt Design (143 clicks)
Bassotron (HTK mix) by Ümlaüt Design (50 clicks)
Bee by Breeze (236 clicks)
Bend by HARDREAD (102 clicks)
Bümp Mäpping by Ümlaüt Design (220 clicks)
cave by Digital Dynamite (91 clicks)
Codeless by Atomik (264 clicks)
Crystal Vision by Conspiracy (368 clicks)
Evoke Spacerace by Ümlaüt Design (152 clicks)
ez is mozog by Molecoola (229 clicks)
f6a by Ümlaüt Design (202 clicks)
Fakemo (Kernel'97) by Mortal Compact (r.i.p.) (220 clicks)
Firstkill by pohar (187 clicks)
FirstKill by HARDREAD (114 clicks)
Flame 4K by Digital Dynamite (265 clicks)
fount by Bred (137 clicks)
fractime by stephen (104 clicks)
Galiwm by Ümlaüt Design (138 clicks)
Generated Sintab Sux by reptile (202 clicks)
glamour by Dilemma (259 clicks)
gleam by Dilemma (271 clicks)
iss2 by HARDREAD (104 clicks)
Iwonder by pohar (100 clicks)
Iwonder by HARDREAD (191 clicks)
Lightfountain by Epilepsy (179 clicks)
Maximum Reality by Unique Pc (r.i.p.) (285 clicks)
meta by Bred (125 clicks)
Metal by Unique Pc (r.i.p.) (193 clicks)
Mollusk by Ümlaüt Design (46 clicks)
Morning by HARDREAD (97 clicks)
past by Illumination (r.i.p.) (245 clicks)
past2 by Illumination (r.i.p.) (223 clicks)
pirate by Dilemma (69 clicks)
Pretender by Unique Pc (r.i.p.) (151 clicks)
quat by HARDREAD (68 clicks)
rappa by Dilemma (195 clicks)
scarce by Dilemma (180 clicks)
selten by Dilemma (187 clicks)
southern by HARDREAD (82 clicks)
Synd by Unique Pc (r.i.p.) (129 clicks)
Texticle by Ümlaüt Design (220 clicks)
The Net by Atomik (160 clicks)
Wobbler by Ger (235 clicks)
Wobbler + Source code! (177 clicks)
zeboo by Dilemma (192 clicks)

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23:36:kihaltunk, de mégse!
15:43:Kihaltunk, de még nem teljesen :)
15:46:Basszus, most nézem milyen népszerő a www. thewhit esocks. com
15:47:www. thewhit esocks. com
15:47:Ugynei az első a downloads szekcióban, érdekes :)
16:02:http: / / plastik. hu/ 2010/ 07/ 23/ swedish- chiptune- organ- sounds- a
1:45:Durva, megtaláltam a 15 évvel ezelőtti számaimat neten! :)
1:47:Trajic, a tieid is ott vannak! 8D (belinkeltem - useroldal)

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