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Live Evil


party and ranking:11th at Assembly 2000 demo compo
subjective rank: [5 out of 6]
size:7092 kb
download: - liveevil.zip search @ scene.org (slow)
- liveevil.zip @ scene.org (using google, faster)
- pouet.net search

Live Evil is a tribute to Miles Davis, and it's an incredible demo. It has an outstanding jazzy trumpet-tune made by Carlos, and you immediately think of Miles Davis. The graphics are made by Saffron, and as always he lives up to the high expectations, that's only rising after every demo he's been involved with. For this demo he has made some very nice background images, and also some extraordinary Miles Davis portraits. The effects are by Rod, and according to him, they run fine on a Pentium 100MHz. You might think that this makes them either bad or just some effects from 1995 he through together. They're not. It's some of the most beautiful effects I've seen, even though it's run in 320x200. Especially nice are the entirely generated fractal flowers (as seen in screenshot #4). The overall design are also top-notch, and I can only recommend this demo warmly to everyone, except those of you requiring a boring 3D world or two in a demo. It's a demo you'll have to watch with an open mind. Enjoy the effects, the graphics and the music, and just jazz along.

2 votes 1 2 3 4 5 6
code 666666
design 666666
graphics 666666
music 666666
overall 666666

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23:36:kihaltunk, de mégse!
15:43:Kihaltunk, de még nem teljesen :)
15:46:Basszus, most nézem milyen népszerő a www. thewhit esocks. com
15:47:www. thewhit esocks. com
15:47:Ugynei az első a downloads szekcióban, érdekes :)
16:02:http: / / plastik. hu/ 2010/ 07/ 23/ swedish- chiptune- organ- sounds- a
1:45:Durva, megtaláltam a 15 évvel ezelőtti számaimat neten! :)
1:47:Trajic, a tieid is ott vannak! 8D (belinkeltem - useroldal)

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