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The Fulcrum


party and ranking:1st at Mekka Symposium '98 demo
subjective rank: [6 out of 6]
size:5962 kb
download: - mtx-fulc.zip search @ scene.org (slow)
- mtx-fulc.zip @ scene.org (using google, faster)
- pouet.net search

The Fulcrum is a grand 3D epic. It contains some of the best modelling and animation you've ever seen in a scene production. Nero made the best graphics and textures I've seen to date, and Made also contributed with an extraordinary piece of work. One of the best parts of this demo is a huge bumpmapped cave, something that I've never seen before. A great 3D demo, that noone should miss, and definately well worth the big download.

1 votes 1 2 3 4 5 6
code 666666
design 666666
graphics 4444
music 4444
overall 55555

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23:36:kihaltunk, de mégse!
15:43:Kihaltunk, de még nem teljesen :)
15:46:Basszus, most nézem milyen népszerő a www. thewhit esocks. com
15:47:www. thewhit esocks. com
15:47:Ugynei az első a downloads szekcióban, érdekes :)
16:02:http: / / plastik. hu/ 2010/ 07/ 23/ swedish- chiptune- organ- sounds- a
1:45:Durva, megtaláltam a 15 évvel ezelőtti számaimat neten! :)
1:47:Trajic, a tieid is ott vannak! 8D (belinkeltem - useroldal)

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