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group:Electromotive Force
party and ranking:1st at Assembly 1994 demo compo
subjective rank: [5 out of 6]
size:497 kb
download: - emf_vrs2.zip search @ scene.org (slow)
- emf_vrs2.zip @ scene.org (using google, faster)
- pouet.net search

A worthy winner of the Assembly 1994 demo compo. It has quite a lot of great effects. It begins with some fractal-effects in 640x480 resolution, then it moves on to a pretty good-looking kaleidoscope effect. It also features a cave. A big voxel-based cave, and it's very original. Further they have a picture of Bill Gates, which they morph around to different hilarious shapes. They are also showing a beautiful julia-fractal-effect, and finally a great 3D "snack" at the end. The music is by Whalebone, and it's a very good track that suits the demo good.

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23:36:kihaltunk, de mégse!
15:43:Kihaltunk, de még nem teljesen :)
15:46:Basszus, most nézem milyen népszerő a www. thewhit esocks. com
15:47:www. thewhit esocks. com
15:47:Ugynei az első a downloads szekcióban, érdekes :)
16:02:http: / / plastik. hu/ 2010/ 07/ 23/ swedish- chiptune- organ- sounds- a
1:45:Durva, megtaláltam a 15 évvel ezelőtti számaimat neten! :)
1:47:Trajic, a tieid is ott vannak! 8D (belinkeltem - useroldal)

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